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Bio-Logical Review

By Tim McComsey | In TRyM Fit | on February 19, 2016


Vitamin World

Are you ready? I’m ready! A Vitamin World Store exclusive. Do you want a product to work for you as hard as you’re working for yourself? Me too! That’s the main reason I’m excited about this new Bio-Logical product line. These custom blended, Precision Engineered products are what I’ve been looking for.  I was excited to hear about this line from Vitamin World, and more excited to try it knowing I was feeding my body with Non GMO, Gluten free, and NO artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, preservatives or sugar alcohols.

What is Bio-Logical? A high quality sports nutrition line that’s going to meet your fitness needs, fuel your body in a cleaner, and more wholesome way all without compromising your nutritional requirements. Being Precision Engineered, you already know that Bio-Logical means business and is delivering to you a full product line that’s not full of ingredients that you may be sensitive to.

Trust me, your body will thank you as you power through your workouts, and maximize your recovery periods. If you are looking for a product line that contains the powers of whey, this may be the perfect product for you! Makes “logical” sense right?





This Super Whey is packed with 25g of cow protein NOT supplemented with rBGH (artificial hormones), and includes 2g Spirulina (algae) which contains trace amounts of vitamin b-12, naturally occurring protein, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and beta carotene. Super Whey not only helps support muscle mass, but it is linked to an improved immune system, and can aid in fat loss and hunger reduction. IF this doesn’t sound super enough, it comes in a chocolate raspberry flavour free of artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours and preservatives.

It definitely delivers in taste without the gritty aftertaste you can find with other products. Make this one to try!



This Digestive Whey combines 25g of protein (hormone free whey) with digestive enzyme Protease. A digestive protease is an enzyme that helps break down protein into its amino acid building blocks that are then absorbed into your circulation. A great post workout supplement. Digestive Whey will not only help support muscle mass, but will aid in digestion as well. Free of artificial flavours and colours, and packed with a chocolate taste derived from real cocoa!



This Coco Crave is coconut flavoured, and enhanced with the power plant, heart friendly, and inflammatory agent flax! Each 20g serving of this high quality, hormone free protein whey is packed with nourishment to replenish your muscles! Coco Crave also contains 100

mg of plant based Omega 3, and again is a healthy and easy way to add protein into your daily routine.



When we work our body hard, a recovery supplement can really aid in delivering restorative properties that our body needs to recover stronger and faster. Bio-Logical delivers results you would expect from a top of the line post workout formula. Containing 10g hydrolyzed whey protein, 35g carb blend, and 2g carnitine this formula is packed with the nutrition your body is looking for.


Hydrolyzed whey protein is simply whey protein broken down into smaller proteins enabling the body to quickly kick-start the recovery process. This aids in reducing exercise induced muscle damage and inflammation.

Bio-Logical Recovery Powder comes in 2 flavours. Mango and Apple. Keeping with our high standards this product is free of of gluten and sugar alcohols.


Time to get your recovery on! These products are smooth and definitely worth your while! I know I’ve enjoyed both flavours, and it feels right knowing I’m feeding my body what it needs after an intense workout!

As a fitness expert and registered dietician, I always get excited when I can recommend a product to clients and friends that I would use myself. So, if you are beginning your fitness journey, or have been a fitness guru for years, these products are designed with you in mind!

The Bio-Logical series is now available at Vitaminworld.com and in Vitamin World retail stores:  http://www.vitaminworld.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-vitaminworld_us-Site/default/Search-Show?q=bio%20logical


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