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Case Studies

Here are some of our amazing clients and their personal success stories:

Mari Phung


Two years ago my mom, who was my best friend, passed away at an early age.  She died from complications of high cholesterol.  I was six months pregnant with my second child when she passed away. I had a 50lb weight gain from my first pregnancy that I wasn’t able to shed and I was still dealing with major postpartum depression from my first pregnancy. My weight continued to climb and I accepted that being overweight was going to be me for the rest of my life. Then in 2015 Sunwarrior and Tim McComsey came into my life. Being around people who cared about their health made me care about mine as well. I had to make a change in life not only for myself but for everyone I love. Tim was a blessing, he helped build a nutritious menu and exercise routine for me, and he was always encouraging and positive. Since I first met with Tim about a year ago, I’ve lost 30lbs and 10% of my body fat.  I haven’t met my final goal yet but I’m still working hard each day to get there.  Exercise and eating better has had such a huge impact on my mental health, I’ve never felt happier and stronger than I do today!

I really can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me and for everyone here!!

Wes Williams Health and Fitness Testimonial

wes williams

When I was a teenager and in my twenties, fitness came easy. I ate whatever I wanted and never gained a pound, in fact I had trouble gaining weight when I tried. I was extremely active; working out, playing sports, hiking, or biking on a daily basis. When I was 24 years old my body fat was less than 10 percent, and I had a six-pack. At age 25 I tore the ACL in my knee playing basketball. My activity level went way down and my daily calorie intake increased. Even though I continued to work-out in the gym regularly, I gained 10 pounds in that first year, then another 10 pounds over the next 10 years. As I moved into my forties, and my metabolism slowed, I gained another 10 pounds. I attributed my weight gain to my inability, due to my knee injury, to be as active as I used to be. I did try the HGC diet at one point, and lost 15 pounds, but some of my weight loss was muscle, I felt horrible, and didn’t feel like I looked very good. When the diet ended the weight came back over the next 3-4 months. I continued to believe that if I exercised more, that I would lose weight, but all that happened is I got hungrier and ate more.

In 2011 I went to work for a health food/supplement company. I started to learn more about the importance of a healthy diet. I learned from one of our fitness ambassadors, Tim McComsey, that health and fitness is more like 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise; that was the reverse of what I had always thought. During the summer of 2015 our company decided to have a contest to select an employee ambassador. Tim McComsey agreed to be our fitness coach, and nutrition specialist. He met with each employee and designed a personal meal plan to help him/her reach their health and fitness goals, and put together exercise routines for every employee. As I adopted Tim’s meal plan, and modified my exercise routine based on Tim’s suggestions, I started to see immediate results. I lost 8 pounds in the first 3 weeks, and actually was able to build some muscle. Over the next 8 months I was able to average 1.5 pounds per week in weight loss, and about .5 percent body fat loss per week. It was not a quick fix, rather it was a slow, consistent and methodical progression. In 9 months I lost 31 pounds and 15 percent body fat. My overall goal was to regain my six-pack, and after 8 months I achieved my goal. As a company (about 30 employees participated in the contest) we lost more than 530 pounds. Many of the employees, like me, were able to achieve their fitness goals, all of us were able to improve our health and well-being.

For me, it was a life changing experience. I sleep better, have more energy, and generally feel better about myself. I believe it has made me a more productive employee, and I feel like my experience has had a positive effect on my family and friends as well. I want to personally thank Tim for all of his help and support. I sent him an email once a week to update him on my progress and he always responded with positive feedback and suggestions. He also came to our office once a month to meet with us in person to modify our meal plans and work-out routines if necessary. I want to also thank my employer, Sunwarrior, for offering the program to the employees and helping us by supplying great health food supplements and an amazing work environment.

Wesley Williams

Katie (TRYM Fit Kids Mom)

I really think that helps Reese with his self-confidence.

Lauren Rae and Tim work so well together with Reese! I love to watch you guys play! Being around such beautiful people as yourself and Tim. Reese enjoys his time here at TRYM Fitness with you and Tim. You guys have become very important people in Reese’s life and words just can’t express how grateful I am for that. You guys are beautiful on the inside as much as you are on the outside, and there is no denying that!

Keith O’Quinn

Asst. Coach for the Dallas Cowboys

Tim truly wants to see his clients succeed and reach their fitness goals. I would definitely recommend his expertise to any one from professional athletes to the recreational lifter looking take their body and physique to the next level.

In 2012 I began the TrymFit program created by Tim McComsey. Since then he has helped me lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass even during my busiest time of the year with the NFL. I have also had more energy throughout the season than ever before and as a result am now a huge believer in the whole natural superfoods and supplements Tim prescribed in my plan.

Brenda Chapman

I feel like I accomplish so much more in those 2 hours per week with you than in the gym for an entire week by myself. And the Sun Warrior products are AWESOME, I will continue to purchase them through your link.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that you helped me improve my health so much that I was able to get off of two of my prescription meds and at my last checkup, I had a regular heart rhythm back as well. I know that was due in large part to your help. I also know the rate you were charging me was a very good rate for the services you provided.

Thanks so much for all you’ve done, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you!



I have had the pleasure of knowing Tim McComsey as my personal trainer for over 2 years. Since the day we met, Tim was quick on his feet, finding sensible solutions to all the health and fitness circumstances I have been in.

As a teenager I seriously hurt my lower back, as an optometrist I see over 500 patients/month, and in 2009 I was getting married. Tim found the right exercises to alleviate my lower back pain, he modified my diet and nutrition without restricting my lifestyle, and was my biggest cheerleader when my waist started to shrink. As a result, my lower back pain is more manageable, I have the energy and stamina to tackle my patient load and long hours at my practice, and I felt like a princess in my Vera Wang gown!!!

What more can you ask for, I found the perfect life partner in my husband and the perfect partner in fitness in Tim McComsey.

R. P., O.D


Company and Name confidential

If you have reached a point where the value of returning your body to a healthy condition exceeds the sum of excuses you’ve made to yourself, contact Tim. This will be the best investment you’ve ever made!

After decades of neglect (exercise and diet), I decided that a meaningful change of lifestyle was in order. Having reached my mid-50’s, both my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were too high. At 5’ 8”, my weight was approaching 225 lbs.

After discussing my goals with Tim, he meticulously reviewed my history and put a plan in place that we agreed was do-able. With Tim’s assistance over the next five months, my weight fell to 168 and my blood pressure/cholesterol readings settled into the low normal range. What surprised me the most was the improvement to my memory, alertness and energy. The impact on my life was not just noticeable, it was huge.

Tim’s program required a commitment from me to alter habits that I had developed over many years. I learned that it was important not only what I ate, but what I didn’t eat. My diet had a certain amount of variety, and his schedule of portions at specific times required a determined, cooperative effort on my part. The nutritional requirements for someone my age were not compromised and intake levels were measured to ensure a satisfactory metabolic level.

The expensive boxed diet foods, the fad diet books and wonder pills that suggest miracle weight loss without the effort never worked for me, and I don’t know anyone else that they’ve worked for over an extended period of time. Tim’s program required me to put in a daily effort for a number of weeks. It can work and it does work. He worked with me to address cravings for certain foods, and to put the priority on food back to a need of the body to meet nutritional and energy demands rather than the excesses of food and drink as a social event.


Thanks to you — this almost-50-year-old body is in its best shape ever! And the confidence that has given me is immeasurable. I’m anticipating trying new things in my 50′s I never would have considered before. Like running!?!

Thanks to you — I am strong! I shoveled our entire driveway in an hour this year – I never could have even shoveled the whole thing before. And, more importantly, I can whack the golf ball 50 yards farther than before.

Thanks to you — I have a better understanding of nutrition and how our nutritional needs change as our metabolism changes. I can address the varying dietary needs of my entire family.

Thanks to you — I receive many compliments on my appearance.

Thanks to you — I have the respect and admiration of my children, my husband, my family and my friends.

Remember when . . .

. . . at my first gym visit I said, “Do NOT leave me alone in this gym. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want to hurt myself. I don’t want to hurt anyone else.”?

. . . I was so nervous and I followed you around so closely that you thought I might run into you if you stopped quickly?

. . . you worked me out so hard the first visit that I literally could not walk or sit down because my quads were so sore?

. . . when you thought I’d never renew?

You underestimated my resolve. And you underestimated your abilities!


The depth and breadth of your fitness knowledge is really admirable. I honestly believe you know about 957 different ways to do pushups – and I think I’ve tried every one! Never a dull moment at 7:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! Your understanding of training, nutrition, and the healing power of stretching is unbelievable. I’m always amazed when something hurts and you know exactly what and how to stretch and relieve the discomfort.

But what I like best about our torture sessions at the gym is your enthusiasm and sense of humor. You truly do make working out fun.

Thanks, Tim! I guess my story is really just another one of YOUR success stories! – Steph


Former Div 1 Soccer Player

I’ve followed his advice, I’ve gotten great results and I am 100% satisfied!

Athletes competing at collegiate and national levels are always seeking a performance advantage. I was looking for a diet and training program that was challenging and offered a scientific approach to meeting my nutritional requirements. Tim’s program allowed me to keep a cut appearance without sacrificing health, wellness and fitness. He is a leader in his field and customizes to individuals’ needs; whether you’re a weekend warrior or world class athlete. Got serious goals? Get serious with Tim.


Check out their amazing transformation PICTURES:



Due to Dave’ high profile job, we have respected him and not shown his face in his before/after pics!


TRYM FITNESS has been the most life changing experience for me in regards to my health and fitness. Tim McComsey, owner of TRYM FITNESS, has the capability to transpire such a positive outlook towards achieving your health fitness goals which made my experience in personal training the BEST! I always understood the importance of eating a healthy diet but could never grasp a plan that would fit my fast pace lifestyle. Tim totally transformed my eating habits and that is when I began to see all my training goals become reality! During my training with Tim I lost over 25 lbs. I gained muscle size and definition which was all remarkable! I highly recommend Tim McComsey and TRYM Fitness to anyone that is looking to change the course of their life and to anyone that is not surpassing their fitness goals. Tim will totally push you beyond your limits but most of all you will see results! Tim has opened my eyes up to a natural way of eating and consuming more plant based foods. Because of this I feel better, have more energy, able to run consistently, and continued success in the gym. Thank you TIM!!!

Abel Peña

Good afternoon, Tim – I really want to take a minute to thank you for all of your help, the online nutritional program you put together for me has tremendously helped me. I also want to mention how awesome it is to have a nutritionist follow up as you do. This is the second online nutritional program you put together for me, and you need to know how satisfied I am with the results. I’m looking forward in continuing to work with you in the future, so that I may continue to accomplish my fitness goals through a healthy, and well put together, nutritional program!

Thank you,

Art Neyra