Charlotte’s Web CBD: Product Line and Company Review

Charlotte’s Web CBD: Product Line and Company Review
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  • Unique strain developed and cultivated over years by family hemp farmers
  • International media attention after an epilepsy breakthrough
  • Wide variety of products – including CBD for dogs
  • Among the most expensive CBD brands, but includes a money-back guarantee

Charlotte’s Web CBD Review

What’s the most famous CBD brand in the world? In terms of mainstream media exposure, it might be Charlotte’s Web. The story of Charlotte’s Web is the story of Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet syndrome. Charlotte’s seizures were so frequent and severe that she couldn’t move or eat, let alone live a normal life. Charlotte had to be fed with a tube, and her doctors were considering putting her in a medically induced coma to give her brain a chance to recuperate. Prescription medications didn’t work; neither did specialized diets. That’s when Charlotte’s parents happened upon medical cannabis as a potential alternative. They obtained the necessary permits for medical cannabis and saw remarkable results with no apparent side effects.

Who Is Charlotte’s Web?

The problem Charlotte’s parents encountered when buying medical cannabis was that few people go to their local dispensary looking for low-THC, high-CBD marijuana strains. The search for a more consistent supplier led Charlotte’s parents to the Stanley brothers, a group of growers who were cultivating various cannabis strains for research purposes. The Stanley brothers had a particular cannabis strain that they called “Hippie’s Disappointment.” It was exactly what Charlotte’s parents were looking for, and it evolved into the Charlotte’s Web strain that we know today.

The Stanley brothers went on to form Realm of Caring, a nonprofit group devoted to cannabis research and advocacy as well as providing financial assistance to families in need of hemp-based medications throughout the United States. They also founded Charlotte’s Web (CW Hemp), a for-profit company that markets Charlotte’s Web hemp products. Charlotte’s Web claims to be the world’s largest CBD company by market share and reported a gross revenue of $70 million to investors in 2018.

Charlotte's Web CBD Products

Charlotte’s Web CBD Products

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is available in four strengths.

  • Full Strength:65 mg CBD/ml, $39.99 and up (originally called “Everyday Hemp Extract”)
  • Extra Strength:65 mg CBD/ml, $74.99 and up (originally called “Everyday Plus”)
  • Original Strength: 50 mg CBD/ml, $149.99 and up (originally called “Everyday Advanced”)
  • Maximum Strength: 60 mg CBD/ml, $164.99 and up

Each Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp oil product comes in two different flavors: mint chocolate and olive oil. The olive oil flavor contains nothing but hemp extract and olive oil. The mint chocolate flavor contains hemp extract, fractionated coconut oil and mint chocolate flavor. In addition, Charlotte’s Web also sells an oil with CBD isolate for $99.99. The CBD isolate oil contains 20 mg of CBD per ml.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules

Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules are available in two strengths.

  • Full Strength: 8 mg CBD/capsule, $34.99 and up
  • Extra Strength: 18 mg CBD/capsule, $69.99 and up

All Charlotte’s Web products including CBD capsules are vegetarian, except for some of the dog products. The capsules are cellulose rather than gelatin. The capsules also use the same full-spectrum extract as the CBD oil – not CBD isolate.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Products for Dogs

Charlotte’s Web makes three different CBD products for dogs: a standard CBD oil for oral consumption, a hemp-infused balm for topical use and a series of hemp-infused treats with supporting herbs. The treats come in three varieties to support different canine health goals and medical conditions: calmness, hip/joint health and cognition. The treats feature additions such as valerian, glucosamine and DHA.

  • Hemp Extract Drops for Dogs: 17 mg CBD/ml, $64.99 and up
  • Hemp-Infused Balm for Dogs: 450 mg CBD/package, $24.99
  • Hemp-Infused Chews for Dogs:5 mg CBD/chew, $19.99 and up
Charlotte's Web CBD Products

Charlotte’s Web Topical CBD

Charlotte’s Web carries two topical CBD products for those who would like to apply CBD directly to problem areas of the skin or to soothe sore muscles or joints.

  • Hemp-Infused Cream: 300 mg CBD/oz, $49.99
  • Hemp-Infused Balm: 300 mg CBD/oz, $14.99 and up

The Charlotte’s Web cream includes moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and aloe. The balm contains pain-relieving ingredients such as menthol and camphor.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Quality and Effectiveness

Being a company that grows its own strain of hemp and extracts its own CBD, Charlotte’s Web is quite different from CBD companies that rely on imported hemp or obtain their CBD extracts from outside suppliers and repackage them. No two CBD companies are exactly alike, but it’s particularly correct to say that you won’t find another CBD product quite like what Charlotte’s Web offers. Aside from the Charlotte’s Web strain itself, these are some of the things that set CW Hemp apart.

  • Grown according to organic standards. All anti-pest and anti-fungus treatments are organic.
  • Full-spectrum extract with all naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes left intact.
  • No additives or dyes. Color naturally varies between batches.
  • Every batch is tested by an outside laboratory. You can view the test results for any Charlotte’s Web product by entering the batch number on the CW Hemp test results page.
  • Rigorous soil monitoring and protection program includes testing the soil for metals and pesticides and planting cover crops to protect the topsoil during winter.

Is Charlotte’s Web Priced Fairly?

It’s probably time for us to discuss the elephant in the room. Charlotte’s Web is expensive. It’s among the most expensive CBD brands in the industry. The company can charge what it does because they offer a CBD extract made from a hemp strain that isn’t available anywhere else. So, does CW Hemp charge a high price because they have an exclusive product that requires extensive labor to produce, or do they charge a high price because they have an exclusive product and an excellent marketing department? Only you can make that decision. It’s very telling, though, to read customer reviews and see one testimonial after another from customers swearing that they’ve tried other brands, and nothing works for them like Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte's Web CBD Products

Charlotte’s Web Customer Service Policies

CBD products are expensive, and that statement is even more true when the products in question are from Charlotte’s Web. It’s a good thing, then, that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. They’ll even pay the return shipping. If you aren’t happy with a product, contact CW Hemp and inform them that you’d like to return the item. They’ll provide a return label that you can print and stick to the package. When they receive the returned item, they’ll process the refund automatically. Alternatively, you can exchange the returned product for a different product.

Given the high cost, buying CBD oil isn’t an easy decision for anyone. If you’re buying CBD for general wellness, you’re skeptical. If you’re buying CBD because of a specific health issue, you’re probably feeling a bit desperate. Either way, you’re understandably concerned about wasting your money. If Charlotte’s Web is the CBD brand that you decide to try, there’s no chance of wasting your money. If you’re not happy with the product, just send it back.

Closing Thoughts

Charlotte’s Web has earned a lot of customer goodwill through their touching back story, their slick marketing and their undeniable commitment to product quality. Given the wide variety of reasons that people have for using CBD and the variation from one cannabis strain to the next, it’s impossible to definitively call any CBD brand the “best.” The Charlotte’s Web hemp strain, however, is a unique one. It’s been cultivated by the same family farmers for many years. Unless you happen to live near a dispensary that carries the Charlotte’s Web strain, this is the only way to try it. Given its uniqueness and the security of the money-back guarantee, I’d have to say that trying Charlotte’s Web CBD is very worthwhile.

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