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Hemp Bombs Review: Are Their CBD Products Good?

Hemp Bombs Review
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Hemp Bombs: Potent Quality Products - Quality, Trust & Variety

Hemp Bombs exploded on the CBD scene in mid 2017 and has rapidly established itself as a major supplier of premium CBD oil products.  All of their products consist of pure CBD isolate thus have 0 percent THC.

Unlike a number of companies available on the current market, they focus on CBD isolate products and a broad product line.  Most smaller companies focus on a few product types due to limited resources but Hemp Bombs as a major player has more to offer other than the “normal” CBD oil tinctures/drops. Other products in their lineup comprise CBD syrup, also a CBD pain rub/topical, CBD beard oil and CBD shots.

We enjoy the way Hemp Bombs offers value to users using their sample package and product packages for people who wish to test many distinct products.

User testimonials from clients are overwhelmingly favorable. Their quality merchandise and fantastic customer service are often cited in these reviews.

This brand has rapidly constructed a loyal base of consumers who purchase their goods online or buy them in nearby retail stores. According to what we have seen up to now, they’ll continue to become a favorite new option for people who are searching for goods without THC.

(Want to check out the complete range of high-potency CBD products? Check out their official online store for easy shipping to all 50 U.S. states)

"Fantastic quality in comparison to other brands I have tried. Watermelon flavor is pleasant and mild. Strength provides a comfort very similar to a muscle relaxer for me personally, therefore it is excellent for pain control. Thank you for the Excellent product!"

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Who Is Hemp Bombs? 

Hemp Bombs is a Florida-based brand headquartered in the Tampa Bay area.  Aside from actually planting and cultivating their hemp, they operate a completely vertical operation, which means that everything from the CBD extraction to the processing to bottling the end product is completed directly there in-house.  This is important to keep in mind when browsing around online for various CBD vendors, as you want to purchase from an actual manufacturer like Hemp Bombs whenever possible, rather than what’s called a “private labeler.

“Hemp Bombs sources all their raw hemp material from organic farms in Europe, which is really a bonus since it’s generally considered that organic Scandinavian hemp is subject to much stricter regulations and rules compared to American hemp, and is consequently cleaner, more pure, and at times even stronger.

hemp bombs cbd oil 300mg

There is no doubt this is currently a brand which stands out in the CBD industry. From their unique array of goods to their own social networking presence to the look of the site, there’s no other band rather like them at the present time. From a purely quality and products Perspective, however, here are several reasons why they’re among our favorite brands:

Client Relationship:

For whatever it’s worth, one of my favorite things concerning this brand is the fact that they make an effort to establish not only a customer base through the quality of the CBD goods but also a valid”lifestyle” and fan base which people might want to be a part of interact together and. Making this type of investment to your customers demonstrates not only will you be into the company for the long haul, but also that you also have confidence in the products that you’re marketing and promoting.

CBD Syrup:

CBD Syrup is a special product that you can mix into any beverage for a very handy and delicious way to get your potent CBD dose. For people who don’t enjoy the concept of taking oil drops under the tongue (or people who despise the flavor of raw hemp), then this might be a very excellent product to try out.

Potency of goods:

There are a good deal of high quality CBD oils out there on the market (many of which are analyzed right here on this website ), but here’s what — unless you’re spending less on the most expensive oil within their product variety, you are probably not going to acquire a super potent tincture. Since all Hemp Bombs CBD oils are made from 99 percent CBD isolate, however, they’re ready to”pack in” more of the active compound into every bottle. By way of example, the 4,000milligrams CBD oil includes a gigantic 66mg of CBD in a single dose — something you won’t find from another brand.

Organic EU-sourced hemp:

Just like we mentioned previously, hemp that’s sourced from organic European farms is actually the finest and (arguably) the most powerful global, given that the strict national rules that they’re expected to grow under.
0% THC: Another significant benefit of using pure CBD isolate instead of whole-plant hemp extract is there is no chance of ingesting THC — even miniscule, trace quantities of it. If an upcoming drug screening has you a little paranoid, for instance, all of Hemp Bombs products are tagged as having 0 percent THC.

Negative Thoughts

Interestingly enough, one of the “highlights” of Hemp Bombs CBD is also one of its downsides as well. That is, the fact that they use CBD isolates rather than “full-spectrum” hemp extracts.

While isolates work incredibly well for some people, there have actually been scientific studies published showing that CBD is more effective when it works along with other cannabis compounds and natural hemp components (this has come to be known as the “entourage effect”).

Whether or not you’re an “isolate person” or a “full spectrum person” totally depends on your unique chemical makeup – you’ll just have to try a few different products out and see which is most effective for you (fortunately for me, both isolates and full-spectrum blends seem to work very effectively).

hemp bombs cbd gummies

"I can't believe it!! If you need help sleeping, Hemp Bombs 1,000 mg tincture is for you. If you have severe anxiety, this is for you. If you have pain in your hips from playing golf or a lifetime of training, THIS IS FOR YOU!!! I can not stop recommending this product and I never will. You have a customer for life!"

My Personal Experience with Hemp Bombs

I have tested the 2,000mg Hemp Bombs CBD Oil, the CBD Syrup, the CBD Gummies, along with the”Max Chill CBD Shot.” All of them were quite powerful for me, except I’ll say I didn’t see a great deal in the gummies (but again I have not been much of a lover of CBD edibles for some purpose ).

The peppermint-flavored 2,000milligrams oil (which contains just over 33mg of CBD per dose) worked wonders for my day-to-day inflammation when I take it 3x daily (morning, morning, day ), and I’ll say that the syrup is very convenient to have around when you would like to down a dose of CBD having a drink (I tried it in beer once, but let’s just say that it did not taste too well, so stick to cocktails only).

Lastly the “Max Chill CBD Shot” is also an intriguing product, as it kind of works like a few of these 5-hour energy beverages, except with reverse (calming ) effects. They have a large 75mg of CBD a ‘shot’, plus they’re most often used as a sleeping and comfort aid, and shot in the evening before bed (my girlfriend struggles immensely with insomnia, and she absolutely adores the Chill Shots).

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Hemp Bombs has no shortage of CBD products to choose from. Keep in mind, though, that all of them are CBD isolates rather than full-spectrum extracts (they mostly use 0% THC isolates so that they can legally ship to all 50 U.S. states). Here’s a rundown of their current product range:

  • Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies – Like I mentioned these didn’t work particularly well for me, but they have tons of positive reviews so maybe I am just the odd man out. I will say, however, that they tasted pretty amazing, Come in 5-count bags to 60-count bottles (15mg CBD per gummy).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules – CBD capsules are mostly used by people who don’t like the taste of the oils. I haven’t tried capsules, as I really like using their oil. I’m sure they work very well though. Come in 5-count to 60-count options and contain 15mg of CBD per capsule.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Vaping ProductsIt has a complete range of vaping products, from CBD vape juice that you can use in any portable concentrate vaporizer, to CBD e-liquid additive that you add to your favorite e-cigarette vape juice, to actual pre-filled CBD vape tanks (do not come with a battery). Moreover, their vaping products come in (an almost overwhelming) 11 different flavors — check out the complete Hemp Bombs vaping lineup and current prices here.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD OilIt comes in two different flavors (peppermint and watermelon), and five different potencies: 300mg (approx. 5mg CBD per dose), 600mg (approx. 10mg CBD per dose), 1,000mg (approx. 16mg CBD per dose), 2,000mg (approx. 33mg CBD per dose), and 4,000mg (approx. 66mg CBD per dose)
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze – The topical “CBD Pain Rub” is designed primarily for joint pain and mild to moderate muscle soreness. It’ main advantage is that you can rub it directly onto the affected area, without having to wait for the digestive system to metabolize the active components. Come in either 1 oz or 4 oz tubs.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup – As we mentioned earlier, the CBD Syrup can either be taken by itself or mixed into any hot or cold drink for easy consumption. They come in 4 oz bottles and three different potencies: 100mg, 300mg, and 1,000mg
  • Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot – The Max Chill Shots come in small little bottles, but each bottle has an amazing 75mg dose of CBD (making them super popular for nighttime sleep aid and anxiety relief). Come in either single 2 oz bottles of packs of five.

Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil – This is the newest addition to their CBD lineup; a CBD oil created specifically for pets. They are available in either Chicken or Beef flavors, and come in 125mg, 300mg, and 1,000mg bottles for small, medium, or large-sized dogs (you can also use the 125mg or 300mg for cats and other smaller pets).


  • Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies. CBD Gummies range in price from $14.99 for a 5-pack (15mg CBD per gummy), to $99.99 for a 60-count bottle (they also have HP Extra Strength Gummies (25mg CBD per gummy) in 60-count bottles for $139.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules. Range in price from $14.99 for a 5-count pack (15mg of CBD per capsule), to $99.99 for a 60-count bottle (they also have HP Extra Strength Capsules (25mg CBD per capsule) in 60-count bottles for $139.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Vaping E-Liquid. The CBD Vape Liquid (this is the juice that you can add to any portable vape pen or vaporizer) comes in 11 different flavors and six different potencies (all are 60mL bottles): 75mg CBD ($14.99), 250mg CBD ($39.99), 300mg CBD ($49.99), 1,000mg CBD ($99.99), 2,000mg CBD ($169.99) and 4,000mg CBD ($299.99). They also have 4 and 10-pack Variety Packs where you can mix-n-match various flavors and potencies (check out all of your options here).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additives. The CBD Vape Additives are specially formulated to be added to your favorite e-cigarette vape liquid or e-tobacco juice. They are unflavored (most of the e-liquids you’ll be adding them to are already flavored), and come in the same six different potencies as the Vape Liquids (all come in 60mL bottles): 75mg CBD ($14.99), 250mg CBD ($39.99), 300mg CBD ($49.99), 1,000mg CBD ($99.99), 2,000mg CBD ($169.99) and 4,000mg CBD ($299.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Tanks. The CBD Vape Tanks come with 1mL pre-filled cartridges, and are available in three different potencies: 125mg ($29.99), 300mg ($49.99), and 1,000mg ($99.99). They are available in the same 11 flavors as the CBD Vape Liquids.
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Oil. All oral CBD oils (these are the ones you drop under your tongue) come in two different flavors (peppermint and watermelon), and are available in five different potencies (30mL bottle): 300mg ($49.99), 600mg ($74.99), 1,000mg ($99.99), 2,000mg ($144.50), and 4,000mg ($299.99).
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze. The Topical CBD Pain Rub comes in 1 oz or 4 oz sizes: 1 oz tub is $14.99 and has 50mg CBD total, and the 4 oz tub is $39.99 and has 200mg CBD total
  • Hemp Bombs CBD Relaxation Syrup. The CBD Relaxation Syrup comes in 4 oz bottles, and is available in three different potencies: 100mg ($19.99), 300mg ($49.99), and 1,000mg ($99.99)
  • Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot. The super-potent (75mg CBD per bottle) Max Chill Shots come in 2 oz bottles, and are available to buy individually ($14.99) or in packs of 5 ($59.99).

Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil. The Pet CBD Oils come in 1 oz bottles, and are available in three different potencies: 125mg (recommended for small dogs, cats, and other pets – $29.99), 300mg (recommended for medium-sized dogs – $49.99), and 1,000mg (recommended for large dogs – $99.99).

"Everything about your 4000mg CBD Oil is quality through and through. Potent with a nice taste. Great company!"

Final Verdict

Hemp Bombs CBD is a special and exciting brand that we have no hesitation recommending. It’s worth it however to remember that all of their goods are CBD isolates (comprise 0% THC) rather than full-spectrum hemp extracts (which can contain trace amounts of THC). This is good news if you live in a non-legalized state, as Hemp Bombs can send legally to all 50 states given their products have no THC.

I make use of their 2,000 mg oral CBD oil nearly on a daily basis and I have had great results with with it.

Visit their online shop at to browse their complete lineup and current costs (they also frequently have good sales, which we forgot to mention earlier).

Customer reviews

Danny L Verified Buyer
October 17, 2018

I normally don’t write any sort of reviews but I felt inclined to do so with this product. I bought this randomly, just being skeptical, but I went in hoping for the best. AND BOOM!!!I IT WORKS FOR ME!!! After I workout I take 1 drop and 1 drop before I go to sleep. I do crossfit so my workouts are always intense and can be so painful. Because my muscles get extremely tight, I usually take a couple days off to recover. No lie, after taking this product I don’t have pain after my workouts, I just feel sore but very light. I feel like I can workout like a normal person again.I’ll continue to buy!!

Jessic C. Verified Buyer
October 10, 2018

4000mg! Wow, love your oils, just wish this one was not so expensive. I use the 1000mg oil currently and would be interested in trying a higher dose. Will you offer any discounts in the future for the higher dose?

Mary Anne C. Verified Buyer
October 2, 2018

Love it so far. After flair ups on one of my kidneys, I was told I shouldn’t take most medications. I started taking this oil because 2 month s ago and it’s adios to my flair up! I’m sleeping again like a newborn baby bunny!

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