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Essentially, the human body is programmed to fuel its body with whole foods in order to get all of the essential nutrients into millions and millions of cells that make up your body so they can function properly while keeping us alive and well. The process of digestion is simple yet very complex. It’s the process of transforming macros into micronutrients to fuel and feed our countless hungry cells within our body. It’s important to fine-tune our gut and understand the digestion process because in the end, our gut plays an essential role in not only our mood, energy and immune system but our overall health. Your gut is your navigation to life and it is important that we constantly strive to keep it healthy. Evidently, our gut can affect our happiness, so let’s keep our gut happy. However, the human body is a complex piece of machinery that may often times need supplements to help generate properly. For our bodies to absorb all of our food’s nutrients we intake into our bloodstream properly, there are three main functions of the digestive system:

We must feed our bodies, not hurt our bodies with what we fuel them with. The process of digestion begins in the brain–the center of command for our bodies to respond. The green light that screams “Go!” to our salivatory and stomach glands. There is a bilateral system of communication meaning the connection between the gut (digestive tract) and the brain is very strong and it is critically important to take care of it because it can influence your body in all areas. Our body then begins pumping enzymes so our natural body acids and teeth can help break down food in order to pass through our system properly. From the mouth to the stomach to the small intestine and liver, the digestion phases all play an important role in the process that eventually breaks down proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates and distributes them throughout the body. All the essential nutrients from what we put in our bodies are filtered and then flowed into the bloodstream sending them to feed the millions of cells that make up our bodies.


Ultimately, when we have trouble with our gut, this can not only cause bad gas cramps but this can also result into unnecessary or unwanted weight gain, poor quality of skin and even mental orders. Yes, our gut can assist in determining our happiness.


Supplements such as probiotics and other products known as “good bacteria” can be very effective when striving to make your gut happy and healthy. With a happy gut, the average individual can experience high efficient energy, better sleep, weight loss, less food cravings, better moods, better immunity and more. When someone begins to tell you “it’s all in your head”, correct them because it’s all in your gut–the second brain.


Bacteria plays a prime role in the digestive system. Our digestive tracts have a number of living bacteria known as the “gut microbiome.” These tiny little microorganisms have a great impact on our body and they way it performs, holds onto fat, etc. They help our bodies break down the food absorb the nutrients. When it comes to losing fat, bacteria is essential. The bacteria in your gut has a large impact on the sensitivity of your insulin and its levels. Insulin controls how your body responds to carbs and typically how much of it will stay in your body as fat and hold onto it. The typical question people ask, “is it possible to burn more fat?” The answer is yes, through diversity, perhaps by manipulating your microbiome. When the body does not have a good variety of bacteria in the belly, many health issues can arise. It is important to take great advantage of maintaining a healthy gut and becoming knowledgeable on the benefits of having diverse healthy bacteria in the gut.


Fill your body with antioxidant rich foods and foods rich in fiber to repair damaged cells from free radicals and keep away bad toxins. Each and every facet of your bodily health is primarily affected by your gut, all of which you might have put little to no thought into. First, begin with asking yourself if you have any problems with you gut. It can be helpful to keep a food diary and do research. It is necessary to eat more fiber, adding healthy nutrients to your diet and eliminating foods that may cause inflammation. Fermented foods, yogurt and kombucha can be beneficial to your diet. Live active cultures and foods that are refrigerated are the best type of probiotic bacteria that is good for your belly. More sleep along with regular exercise and visiting a primary care physician are all beneficial to maintaining an overall healthy bodily system. What is most important is how our body feels so let’s fuel our body correctly and make a happy gut and a happy mind.

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What is most important is how our body feels so let’s fuel our body correctly and make a happy gut and a happy mind.

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