Reef CBD: Product Line and Company Review

Reef CBD: Product Line and Company Review
9.7 Total Score
  • Proprietary purification process removes THC from CBD oil without stripping away natural terpenes
  • Aggressive pricing structure guaranteed to make a splash with price-conscious CBD users
  • Wide variety of products with some unusual items such as CBD wellness shots and whole CBD hemp flowers
  • Extremely generous military discount; active and retired military members get 30 percent off

Reef CBD Review

If you’re as big a CBD fan as I am, you end up trying a lot of different brands in the search for the one that’s perfect for you. Since there’s always something new to try, I don’t think that search ever really ends. When you explore all of the different CBD brands out there, though, one of the things you’ll notice is that there isn’t always a lot of differentiation from one brand to the next. Sure, there’s differentiation between the various hemp strains and terpene profiles, but you don’t see that on the surface. What you see is a company’s branding and product selection, and when every company seems to carry the same mix of CBD oil, gummies and topicals, it becomes hard to tell one brand from the next.

That’s where this Reef CBD review begins. Are you stuck in the doldrums, hungry for a new CBD product that no company seems intent on delivering? Reef CBD is a company with a product lineup you’re not likely to find anywhere else. It’s a company that seems to have differentiation baked into its DNA. If you’re looking for a CBD brand that really brings something new to the table, you’ve found it right here.

Who Is Reef CBD?

Founded in 2019, Reef CBD formed out of an idea that three surfing buddies had after a day at the beach. They decided that it would be great if they could create a supplement that would be useful to almost anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle. CBD, they decided, was exactly the type of supplement that would intrigue the surfers, hikers, runners and weekend warriors of the world.

Reef sources its hemp from Colorado farms that grow industrial hemp under the watchful eye of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. After extracting the raw CBD oil from the hemp, Reef puts the oil through a proprietary purification process that they say removes the THC while preserving the oil’s natural terpenes. As if that weren’t enough – well, let’s just say that Reef is almost certain to have more than a few CBD products that you’ve never seen before.

Reef CBD Products

Reef CBD Tinctures

Although it’s great for a company to offer a variety of different CBD products, standard CBD oil will likely always be the core of the CBD industry. It’s also the core of the Reef CBD product line, and the company offers its CBD tinctures in three different strengths and four flavors. The available strengths are 250, 500 and 1,000 mg per bottle, and those strengths cost $39.99, $59.99 and $99.99, respectively.

The four Reef CBD tincture flavors are:

  • Cardiff (Blue Raspberry)
  • Cocoa Beach (Peppermint)
  • Newport Beach (Orange)
  • Venice (Lemon)

How important are flavors in a CBD oil? It depends on how you feel about unflavored CBD oil. Some people love the distinctly herbal flavor of hemp. Others really don’t care for it at all – and taking CBD oil two or more times each day can really start to become a chore if you don’t like the taste and can’t stand having it on your tongue all day. Reef is a company that also makes vape juice, and in the e-liquid industry, flavor is everything. This is obviously a company that knows how to make products that taste great, and that’s evident in their CBD tinctures. The lemon flavor is my favorite.

reef cbd oil

Reef CBD Vape Oils

Like the CBD oils, Reef’s vape oils are available in strengths of 250, 500 and 1,000 mg per bottle and cost $39.99, $59.99 and 99.99 each. While the CBD oils are set in hemp seed oil and MCT coconut oil, though, the vape oil is set in vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. It’ll work in any standard vaping device, although you’d be wise to use a lower-wattage vaping setup to avoid running out of vape oil too quickly. If you thought that Reef’s CBD oil flavors sounded exciting, get a load of this flavor list.

  • Waimea Bay (Strawberry Guava)
  • Mavericks (Fuji Apple)
  • San Onofre (Fruit Cereal)
  • The Wedge (Watermelon and Menthol)
  • Pipeline (Blue Raspberry and Menthol)

If you like the fast-acting relief of CBD vapor but find it difficult to inhale, you’re going to love Reef’s two menthol flavors. They’re extremely soothing to the throat, and you’ll love the coolness in your mouth during the hot summer afternoons that are just around the corner.

reef cbd vape

Reef CBD Capsules

Reef is preparing a line of CBD capsules that’s expected to become available in May 2019. Each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD along with a proprietary herbal or vitamin blend designed to support a specific health need. Reef will offer a multivitamin CBD capsule, a capsule to support mental focus and a capsule to support general wellness. The capsules will cost $59.99 per bottle of 30.


Reef CBD Topicals

Have you heard what people are saying lately about topical CBD products? People are reporting great results from using CBD on their faces and hair, and Reef has responded to that demand with a new line of CBD skincare products. Those products are:

  • Revive: CBD-fortified concentrated anti-aging serum that renews skin cells and makes fine lines and wrinkles less evident. $79.00.
  • Renew: CBD-fortified facial moisturizer with powerful antioxidants to help protect the face from sun damage and aging. $69.00.
  • Refresh: CBD-fortified facial cleanser with essential oils and enzymes to remove dirt and makeup while promoting cell turnover. $39.00.

Reef CBD Drinks

When you know how to create products with delicious flavors, it seems logical that you ought to try creating a product that your customers can drink. Sometime in mid-2019, Reef plans to introduce a series of CBD-infused wellness shots costing just $6.99 each. The shots will contain 20 mg of CBD. More information is not available at the time of writing.

Reef CBD Hemp Flowers

I can’t advocate smoking myself, but I know there are plenty of people who would smoke their CBD if they could. Some people simply find that smoking is the fastest and easiest way to get hemp’s beneficial compounds into the body. For those people, this is a product that’s still pretty new and novel right now, but I imagine that it’s going to become a lot more common over the next year or two. Reef is now offering the actual dried flowers of CBD hemp plants, ready to grind and smoke. The flowers cost $24.99 per 1/8 ounce. You can also enjoy the flowers in a dry herb vaporizer.

It remains to be seen whether CBD hemp flowers will actually catch on with the CBD buying public. If you live in a state that allows medical or recreational marijuana use, Reef’s price is probably lower than what you’re paying at your local dispensary. If your state doesn’t permit marijuana use, though, you’re likely to encounter some uncomfortable situations if you use the product in public. It might be under the federal THC limit, but good luck explaining that to an officer before things get bad.

At the time of writing, Reef offers one strain of CBD hemp flower. It’s the Elektra strain, which has a CBD content ranging between about 14-17 percent. If you need consistent dosing, smoking your CBD isn’t the way to get that. If you’re simply looking for a way to get your CBD in a pleasurable and relaxed fashion, though, Reef’s CBD flowers might be just the ticket.

Reef CBD Quality and Effectiveness

Reef CBD makes some pretty lofty claims about its products, and you can view a lab report on the Reef website verifying those claims. The report confirms that Reef’s raw CBD oil is extremely rich in CBD while containing no detectable THC. The oil also has a rich terpene profile and passes tests for both pesticides and solvents. It would be nice if Reef would provide individual test results for all of its products. Without a doubt, though, this lab report does give Reef the appearance of having one of the absolute best CBD extracts on the market.

Is Reef CBD Priced Fairly?

I love Reef CBD’s aggressive price structure. Looking at the CBD oil in particular, Reef compares very favorably in price to any of the major CBD brands such as Charlotte’s Web and Glori Blends. How much CBD are you currently getting for the money? When you buy Reef’s 1,000 mg CBD oil, you’re paying about 10 cents per mg. That’s a hard price to beat. Reef is similarly aggressive with the pricing for its e-liquids, CBD hemp flowers and other products.

Reef CBD Customer Service Policies

I saved my absolute favorite thing about Reef CBD for the end of this review. Reef offers an extremely generous 30 percent discount to all active, reserve and retired members of the military. You can only use the discount once per day, but otherwise, there is no limit. I happen to know that there are many current and former military personnel who rely on CBD and need it to be as affordable as possible. I think Reef’s discount stands to benefit many people.

On the downside, Reef CBD accepts no returns except in cases of unopened and/or defective products. You can’t return a product simply because you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for you. While that policy isn’t likely to be a problem for those who already use CBD and understand its interactions with their bodies, you might consider it a drawback if you’re buying CBD for the first time and aren’t sure whether it’s going to work for you. If you’d rather buy from a company that offers a money-back guarantee, take a look at my BioMDPlus review.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve read about CBD at all before coming to this site, you know that producing a CBD product isn’t cheap. Growing or buying hemp is expensive, and the equipment needed to extract CBD oil from the hemp costs a fortune. Many CBD companies come out of the gate looking to recoup their expenses as quickly as possible. They’re content to set their prices high and wait for customers to find them. That’s not how Reef is doing things. They’re aggressive, and they’re looking to make an immediate splash in the industry. For a CBD product of this caliber, you’re not likely to find better prices elsewhere.

What makes Reef CBD so interesting, though, isn’t only the company’s excellent prices. It’s also the fact that their CBD extract is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. It gives you the benefits of a full-spectrum hemp extract without the detectable THC that, for many people, is a major potential drawback. If you want to experience the full entourage effect of a CBD product with its natural terpenes left intact – and you want to avoid ingesting even trace amounts of THC – Reef CBD is definitely a brand you should check out.

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