Savage CBD – Product Line and Company Review

January 7, 2019

Savage CBD Review

A California based company called Savage CBD provides a range of full-spectrum CBD products for a large audience, be it those who are new to CBD products or those who are fairly experienced. From their line of flavored vaporizer liquids to their edible gummies, Savage appears to provide a greater inviting appeal to the market compared to other competitors. Flavors are offered by many other companies within the CBD marketplace, but Savage CBD seems to focus on flavors that appeal to a large client base for larger exposure to the benefits of CBD. However, do their products live up to the hundreds of other brands on the market?

Who is Savage CBD?

Savage CBD is the brain child of the CEO of Savage Enterprises, Chris Wheeler. A true rags-to-riches story in his own right, his objective as an entrepreneur is to achieve financial freedom before the age of thirty-five. His plan as of late has been to double down in the growing field of CBD products, many of which he corralled in his venture of Savage CBD. With his experience owning and managing vape shops in Southern California, Savage currently offers at least nine different liquids with exotic flavors like Kiwi Dragon Berry, Fiji Melons, and other. Flavors are available in either 500mg or 1000mg doses depending on the clients’ preferences. The impression from the CEO’s experience in the market is that these flavors are most appealing to those who have the most experience not only with CBD as a product, but also those who are experienced with the vape scene.

A significant portion of the user feedback describes Verified CBD product satisfaction compared to higher-priced suppliers claiming equal benefits. The Verified CBD products appear to appeal to purchasers who want results, but who do not want to spend top-dollar on premium hemp brands.

Purchasers have also commented on the results they’ve achieved with their pets through Verified CBD’s Dog Treats product. Highly excitable dogs have shown noticeably calming effects and older dogs suffering from aging pains have become more active. Purchasers also noted that the Verified CBD Dog Treats helped with their pets’ stomach issues. The company website recommends using their CBD Dog Treats to help reduce stress in dogs when they’re exposed to loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms.

Savage CBD Vape

Vaping as a method of taking CBD is potential way of maximizing what the body can absorb. If a product is swallowed, the amount absorbed into the blood stream is generally between 30-50% of the total dose. When someone uses oils to absorb under the tongue, the amount generally increases to between 50-65%. But when one inhales from vapes that aerosolize CBD, the bioavailability can reach up to 90%, meaning that one can use a lower dose but still get the same benefits compared to a higher dosed edible. On top of the increased dose, ingesting CBD and other cannabis products can irritate the stomach and intestines. The drawback to many vaping products, including those containing CBD, can be sensitivities that clients may have to inhaling any products. Those who have higher risk of getting lung diseases should be advised to avoid these products, but those looking for a more impactful dose might find these products extremely intriguing.

Savage CBD Gummies

As far as more mass appeal products that Savage CBD offers, the gummies offered use a hemp extract with a focus on CBD. Each piece yields a label claim of at least 50 mg of active ingredient. The company published a certificate of analysis that shows that the active ingredient includes a good mix of cannabinoid ingredients with the most prominent being CBD. Gummies overall are a great idea to entice the newer client into the market but are certainly an expensive invitation with each piece costing around five dollars on sale. However, other gummies on the market are usually not as high a dose, meaning that a client would get their money’s worth given the content within the pieces.

Savage CBD Oil Tinctures

Another line of products offered by Savage CBD include the omnipresent oils that many stores and websites offer, but the twist for Savage is the flavoring component that may turn more heads than the straight cannabis-focused products. Two flavors currently offered include two citrus-focused types including lemon-lime and pink-grapefruit. For people who may be off-put by a strong grass-focused note that cannabis products are generally associated with, citrus flavors are an interesting way to help brighten the experience without detracting from the overall intention of the products. These tinctures also have label claims of 50 mg per dose (generally 1 ml or a dropperful) where people have the option of dosing less or more based on their experience. This is generally helpful for a larger audience who may be hesitant to the market overall or who had literal bad tastes with other companies on the market.

When it comes to absorbing products under the tongue, taste is paramount. The focus on flavors is an interesting niche in the CBD market. The benefits of flavors are even great in exposing larger amounts of clients to what CBD can offer to one’s overall health. The health benefits are numerous as you may have already read, but healthcare providers are even now looking to CBD as alternatives to many problematic treatments for inflammation-related diseases. CBD versus ibuprofen or other over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can definitely decrease the potential for stomach bleeds or cardiac issues that NSAIDs yield. And if flavored CBD products can help expose more people to these benefits, then companies like Savage CBD should be commended.

What about the cost?

When it comes to the CBD cost regarding Savage CBD’s products, it appears that a lot of what’s available are about equal to what’s offered from others on the market. Especially at the concentrations produced, the edibles and vapes available can be just as impactful with just as many benefits as whatever else is on the market. Generally, clients searching for CBD products can get a real value when the cost of each milligram of CBD is around 10 cents. The sublingual oils cost around 7 cents per milligram of CBD and the vape oils yield a little more than 3 cents per milligram of CBD. The value provided by Savage CBD’s offerings are definitely worth a look for both pros and novices in the CBD market.

Closing Thoughts

The mission of Savage CBD is to “help people by offering what we believe to be top quality, lab tested, natural alternatives at affordable pricing.” Based on the lab results provided by the company and the offerings currently available, it appears that they meet that mark well. In comparison with what other companies around the country offer, they show themselves to run with the best of the pack. If you are particularly interested in trying flavored products compared to straight cannabis-only products, this would be the company to try.

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