Hello! My Name is Tim McComsey.

I am the founding owner of TRYM Fitness, Premier Personal Training and Nutrition Company based in Dallas, Texas. With over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry and certifications as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian, I have supported the fitness transformations of countless clients throughout my career. Whether you aim to build muscle, reduce body fat, tone your physique, or improve athletic performance to enhance your quality of life, I am capable and well-versed in helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Since the creation of TRYM Fitness in 2011, we have experienced successful growth, becoming a leading name in the industry. My scope of work has broadened to include serving as an ambassador for Aktiv Solutions, a recognized name in fitness equipment. Additionally, I contribute to Men’s Fitness Online and Human Fit Project, sharing my expertise and insights with a broader audience.


My dedication to fitness has also led me to achieve notable milestones, including placing 1st in several fitness competitions, including the Dallas Europa Men’s Physique. I am committed to empowering men and women to lead healthier lifestyles through various platforms. Because of my passion to supporting others fitness goals, I have featured in prominent fitness magazines, including Iron Mag, Men’s Exercise, The Box, Fitness – Exercise, and Muscle and Performance Magazine.

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