CBD Juul Pod’s – The Difference Between Health and Addiction

March 12, 2019


Cigarettes, long the king of nicotine have officially been dethroned for the newly popular Juul Pod. Sleek, subtle, and easy to use, Juul is without a doubt leading the charge in the ever-expanding e-cigarette marketplace. But should it be? After a recent investment by Marlboro manufacturer, Altria, to the tune of $12 billion, Juul is now worth more than Ford Motor Company. With similar ingredients, Juul’s have not only risen to popularity to replace the cigarette, but also to continue the damage and addiction by the same manufacturer, which is where CBD Juul Pod’s can help.

Introducing Smooth Pods

The team at Smooth Roots has come together to craft a Juul compatible CBD pod called the Smooth Pod. Smooth Pods offer a healthier, natural alternative to the nicotine-based Juul Pod while savoring its convenience by the Smooth Pods Juul compatibility.

Available in three unique terpene flavors, Smooth Pods offers these choices in OG Kush, Lemon Haze and Blue Dream. Each pod is 50mg CBD and consists of only three ingredients:

• CBD oil
• MCT oil
• Natural terpenes

Smooth Pods even goes the extra mile to lab test our products at each step of the manufacturing process. Our CBD oil is tested to meet Smooth Roots quality control standards before we use it. Our pods are then tested after production to ensure no heavy metals were used in the design of the pod.

The Difference
Smooth Pods offer an addiction-free, healthier alternative to the vaporizing products currently on the market. The only thing that will keep you coming back time after time for Smooth Pods is the unique sensation each flavor consistently delivers coupled with the blissful CBD experience of Smooth Roots CBD oil.

The combination of nicotine and glycerol has been well known to cause cases of popcorn lung, a condition that affects the smallest airways in the lungs causing constriction, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and more, when inhaled together. Juul uses both of these chemicals to create the majority of its product, creating its experience exclusively through addiction and harmful ingredients.

While nicotine has well documented side effects, the growth of CBD oil has led to an explosion of benefits:
• Pain relief
• Help managing anxiety and depression
• Can alleviate cancer-related symptoms in certain cases
• Reduction in acne
• Neuroprotective properties
• Aids the treatment of diabetes
• Substance abuse treatment

The choice is clear. Whether you are looking for a blissful new hobby or a way to wean yourself from addiction, the Smooth Pod is the perfect healthy alternative to your current vaporizing product.

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