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Who is Glori Blends?

Glori Blends is a family run business centered around delivering high quality whole hemp oil products specifically tailored to different ailments.  The original products were developed to help a single patient. As each got better at helping that patient the “recipe” was tried on a wider audience and the products were born. They believe they are “healing the planet through hemp”.

They source hemp from Colorado, taking advantage of their natural and organic growing methods.  The “recipe” varies in terms of specific terpenes added, and the host solution (coconut oil or agave syrup).  The result is a whole plant hemp oil with a unique terpene fingerprint designed to address specific issues.

In order to keep up with demand, the company works with Colorado farmers who have been identified as being capable of large harvests. Every batch is tested for purity, potency, lack of pesticides and heavy metals as well as microbiological contamination. There are no additives or preservatives added to extend the product shelf life.

This company was created with a vision of helping others live the best life possible for them. The leader, Lori Reyes DeSanti, suffered a debilitating neck injury that prevented her from getting a good night’s sleep for many years.  She tried a myriad of remedies with no luck. Finally, she stumbled upon hemp oil with additional terpenes and she finally got not just sleep, but deep and restful sleep. Glori Blends was born!

The company includes Lori’s family, and in fact the name comes from blending her name with her grandson Grayson.  Her Husband, Chris, was the one who sought out Hemp as a potential solution to his wife’s sleeping issues. He continues to offer wisdom as an international trainer and educator. Grayson’s father, Nick, is the director of marketing.  He brings many years of Fortune 500 experience to bear on this gem of a company.

The products are not the typical CBD product, but rather are from a whole plant extract.  To accomplish this, a CO2 extraction occurs, and the result is not just CBD, but rather all the possible phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and minerals available from the plant. As with all other quality CBD products, Glori Blends products are certified to contain less than 0.3% THC and as such can be shipped throughout the US.

Glori Blends Quick Summary

Effectiveness 100%
Quality Control 99%
Value (cost per mg) 100%
Trustworthiness 100%

"I have been experiencing a lot of knee problems and pain Within two hours of taking the first dose something was totally different…. I am completely fascinated with the quick results…and I am grateful!"

What Are the Products?

In addition to the specific terpene fingerprint, Glori Blends offers oils, capsules, topicals and items for pets.

CBD Oils

In the “oil” category, Glori Blends offers Bliss Mood Stabilization, Relief “Pain”, Dream “Sleep”, Thrive “Inflammation”, and Lucid “Focus”. As described above all of these contain a full spectrum CBD oil which is dissolved in a carrier material. To this, a unique blend of terpenes is added to elicit the therapeutic benefit as labeled. All of these “droppers” have organic blue agave, or coconut oil as the carrier. The choice of which product you prefer is made at time of order. These products start with 1500mg size for roughly $147. Coupons are available to reduce this cost further. The most popular “dropper” is Mood.

To give an idea of the unique fingerprint concept, let’s look at the “Mood”. This product, from its name, obviously is intended to address mood issues. In addition to the whole hemp plant extract, it is dissolved in your choice of coconut oil (which has its own health benefits) or blue agave (which some prefer due to its sweeter taste). Additional blending of beta-caryophyllene and linalool enhance the mood stabilization. Beta-caryophyllene is a terpene found in many plants including hemp, rosemary, clove, basil, oregano, lavender, cinnamon, ylang-ylang and other essential oils. It is listed in the Food Chemical Codex which means it is safe for use in foods. Research around this terpene has shown that it can also react with CB2 receptors and potentially can inhibit anxiety and tension without the psychotropic effects of its cousin, THC. Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene alcohol which is found in fragrant flowers and spice plants and of course Cannabis sativum. It has a pleasant floral/spicy scent – something similar to bergamot. So, knowing more about these 2 chemicals, it makes sense that “upping” them in this blend enhances its ability to aid mood issues.


In the “capsule” category, the same variants are offered as oils (Pain, Sleep, Inflammation, Mood and Focus). As with the oils, each capsule has a unique fingerprint designed to address the specific labelled ailment. Unlike oils, capsules only are available with the coconut oil as carrier. There are 30 capsules in a bottle, and each capsule is 40 mg. Each bottle is currently selling for $150. Coupons are available for these as well. The most popular capsule is Sleep.

Let’s look at the fingerprint of this popular capsule. Like the mood tincture above, it is enhanced with both beta-caryophyllene and linalool. They also add one more item: myrcene. This is one of the 10 highest concentration terpenes in hemp, and gives it the earthy, musky odor. Interestingly, strains that have more than 0.5% myrcene induce a sedative effect. In other words – it puts you to sleep if the myrcene is high. Adding some on top of normally occurring levels makes sense for a product intended to aid in sleep.


The pet offering contains two products.  There are Calming Drops, and a Coat Spray. The Calming drops are a 500 mg size of high-quality hemp oil that is dissolved in a fractionated Coconut Oil. It helps with mood, energy and anxiousness.  The coat spray was developed to help various skin concerns. It also contains 500 mg of high-quality hemp oil dissolved in a fractionated Coconut Oil. Both are currently being offered at $50.

CBD Topicals

Glori Blends offers a choice of 2 topicals: Whole Plant Hemp Salve, and Glori Ice.  Both are intended to aid pain. The Whole Plant salve contains other items well known to aid in pain relief such as arnica, lavender and tea tree oils.  It comes in two sizes (250 mg and 500 mg) with prices of $50 and $70. Ice is a mentholated pain cream containing Hemp Oil among other things. This bottle costs $80, and the only “safety” precaution is that if you have an allergy to aspirin or salicylates, you should probably avoid this product.


Each lot is independently tested for purity and contamination with pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and microbiological items. While there is a place on the web site for results to be seen, the link has not been working during this evaluation period.  However, Glori Blend’s products are cited by many as being among the highest quality products available anywhere.

Negative Thoughts

It was hard to find anything negative to say about Glori Blends. One potential problem with their brand is that by specifically formulating products to meet certain therapeutic needs they are opening themselves up to possible FDA scrutiny. Another minor issue is that the link to their lab results is currently missing. However, that will likely be up and running soon.

Additional Thoughts

Glori Blends has one of the most informative and informational blogs available.  There are many insightful articles on a wide variety of topics related to CBD, the endocannabinoid system and the wide variety of potential therapeutic areas that can be addressed.  If you have questions, this is probably one of the better places to start.

They also have a very unique and well-conceived concept: blending known natural remedies with hemp oil to maximize the therapeutic benefit.  For example, menthol has long been known to aid in pain relief as a topical treatment. Combining that with help oil in the Glori Ice product so that both work together synergistically to maximize pain relief is brilliant.

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"From the PAIN one: After 1 hour great relief to my back and neck. 1 dropper full. Impressed. Also relaxed which helps."

Customer reviews

Kathy C. Verified Buyer
January 5, 2018

As some of you may know I have a love hate relationship with my golf game. I struggle mightily with managing my anger at a bad or dumb shot and cannot seem to recover. I have worked for years to manage my reactions and control the anger that seems to overtake me and have essentially quit competing competitively because of it.

Just before Christmas I tried Lucid from Glori Blends and was amazed at how I was able to accept a shot that previously would have sent me spiraling into a funk. I’ve played 3 times while using this product and have a whole new outlook on my game and the possibilities this has brought back to a pastime that means so much to me and my wife. I have a wonderful tool that I will not be without whenever I play.

I am eminently grateful.

Casandra T. Verified Buyer
February 16, 2018

I wanted to take some space to share my experience over the past week, utilizing Glori Blends full spectrum cbd nutrient support.

I have been lightly researching cbd brands for a number of months. I never bought a bottle, though I did consider some of the bigger names, like Charlotte’s Web… when I saw Lori Reyes DeSanti post her story I KNEW this would be the one- I had coached Lori, AND coached WITH Lori in the leadership program called Masterful Living, and our connection was powerful- I knew she was suffering from sleeplessness, and when I heard she was REALLY SLEEPING, I was floored.

Last week, I started supplementing with an Anti-Depressant blend. Early in the week, I plunged into an incredible stressful personal and business scenario- I needed to find a new venue for my flagship event, Florida Flow Fest (scheduled within 3 weeks) or change the date. I have been running this festival for 6 years, and I had hundreds of people to reorganize due to this sudden discovery of a significant problem with my main event venue. WHOA.

Here’s what I can say definitively- using this product as nutrient support allowed me to stay in FLOW and completely avoid dramatic emotional responses as the week unfolded. Yes, I had some trouble sleeping, but that’s to be expected. I was clear headedfocused, and cheerfully digesting this challenge, whereas otherwise I likely would have been a weepy, self-sabotaging wreck. AND I believe I made better choices than I would have if I were PURELY REACTING.

Thanks for this, Lori (Glori Blends) Let’s get it out there.

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