Pinnacle Hemp CBD: Product Line and Company Review

Pinnacle Hemp CBD: Product Line and Company Review
9.7 Total Score
  • Huge selection of CBD products for almost any need
  • Test results show the exact terpene profiles you’re getting
  • Choose CBD oil set in vegetable glycerin or MCT coconut oil
  • CBD products available in every price range

Pinnacle Hemp Review

To call the CBD industry exciting would be the understatement of the century. This is an industry that hasn’t stopped evolving since day one. Whether it’s a new company with a wide range of products, a new product category that redefines what CBD can do or something else entirely, there is always something new on the horizon.

Pinnacle Help is one of those companies that came out of left field with a huge product selection and managed to get distribution in stores across the country. Seemingly overnight, they became a household name. Obviously, Pinnacle CBD is doing something right. If I were to guess, I’d say that the key to Pinnacle Hemp’s success is the fact that they have something for just about everyone. Do they have something for you? By the time you finish reading my Pinnacle Hemp review, I think you’ll know the answer to that question.

Who Is Pinnacle Hemp?

Like so many other cannabidiol (CBD) companies, Pinnacle Hemp formed out of the desire to help a loved one. In this case, the loved one in question was the founder’s daughter. Kenzie had a form of epilepsy that was controlled successfully by prescription medications. The problem was that the anti-seizure medications caused side effects, and controlling those side effects required additional medications. Although Kenzie’s condition was technically under control, the medication regimen also altered her personality, making her quiet and withdrawn.

Kenzie’s father turned to CBD oil. After trying several brands unsuccessfully, he began to research the characteristics and genetics of the industrial hemp plant more thoroughly. In the process, he learned about the differences between different hemp strains and CBD oil production methods. He discovered that getting relief with CBD isn’t just about taking a higher dose or finding the brand with the highest CBD content. In reality, hemp is far more complex than that.

After much trial and error, Pinnacle Hemp’s founder finally discovered the perfect hemp strain for Kenzie. Before long, Kenzie had weaned herself off of all prescription medications, and her personality was back to normal. Kenzie’s father put his newfound knowledge to work, and Pinnacle Hemp was born.

pinnacle hemp review

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Products

CBD Oil Tinctures

Pinnacle Hemp has one of the largest selections of CBD oil tinctures anywhere. Those products are:

  • CBD Oil (Black Label): Strengths of 150, 300, 450, 600 and 1,200 mg CBD per bottle. $24.99 and up.
  • CBD Oil (White Label): Set in MCT oil rather than the vegetable glycerin used in the standard black label product. Strengths of 300, 600 and 1,200 mg CBD per bottle. $44.99 and up.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil: Contains no detectable THC to help ensure that you won’t fail a random drug test. Strengths of 300, 600 and 1,200 mg CBD per bottle. $44.99 and up.

Pinnacle Hemp’s CBD oil tincture is their flagship product, and it’s available in so many different varieties that there should be something to satisfy just about everyone. Pinnacle specifies that it uses organic Colorado-grown hemp to create its extracts. Pinnacle also provides detailed lab reports for each of its CBD oils. The lab reports show:

  • Cannabinoid content
  • Terpene content
  • Metal content
  • Microbiological contaminants
  • Residual pesticides
  • Residual solvents

pinnacle hemp review

CBD Vaping Products

More than perhaps any other CBD brand, Pinnacle has made itself a one-stop shop for anyone interested in CBD vaping. Whether your preferences tend toward simple pod-based vape pens or high-output sub-ohm vaping systems, Pinnacle has something that’s likely to interest you.

Ki CBD Vaping System

  • Ki CBD Vaping Starter Kit: Includes Ki vaping device, charging cable and one pre-filled pod. $59.98 and up.
  • Ki Replacement Vaping Device: Includes Ki vaping device and charging cable. $29.99.
  • Ki Replacement CBD Vaping Pods: Contains 1.6 ml of CBD liquid. $29.99 and up.

If you don’t already vape – or you do vape but don’t want to fiddle with mixing your e-liquid or adapting your existing vape gear for CBD oil – the Ki CBD vaping system is probably for you. The device has a 400 mAh built-in battery that charges in as little as 20 minutes with the included quick-charge adapter. To use the device, simply drop in a pre-filled pod and puff on the mouthpiece. The draw-activated battery automatically generates vapor. The pods contain 300 or 600 mg of total CBD, and the more interesting thing is that you can actually choose the specific terpene profile that you want to vape. Pinnacle offers Ki vaping cartridges based on the terpene profiles found in the Gorilla Glue #4 and Green Crack cannabis strains.

Other Pinnacle CBD Vaping Products

  • Pre-filled 510/eGo CBD Cartridge: 500 mg CBD. Works with any lower-wattage vaping device or with Pinnacle’s 510 battery. $79.99.
  • 510 Vaping Battery: Works with Pinnacle’s pre-filled 510/eGo cartridge or with most lower-output 510/eGo vaping attachments. $9.99.
  • Flavored CBD E-Liquids: Several flavors available. 60 ml bottles with 300 mg total CBD. For users of higher-output sub-ohm vaping devices. $49.99.
  • CBD Crumble: CBD isolate enhanced with terpenes and set in wax for vaporizers able to handle wax concentrates. $54.99.

pinnacle hemp review

CBD Edibles

  • CBD Honey Sticks: Natural honey infused with 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract per stick. $14.99 per five-pack.
  • CBD Honey Syringe: Natural honey infused with 150 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract in a single syringe for easy dispensing. $24.99.
  • CBD Gummies: Gummy candies infused with 25 mg of CBD isolate per candy. Sold in packages of 3, 6 and 12 gummies. $19.99 and up.
  • CBD Ground Coffee: Half-pound bag of ground Colombian Arabica coffee infused with 160 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract. $34.99.

I love CBD honey sticks for post-workout recovery, and Pinnacle’s price of $14.99 for five sticks is one of the best I’ve found anywhere. Honey is a great source of natural energy that your body can process easily. It’s full of antioxidants and phenols, making it much healthier than plain sugar or a sports drink. Since honey is also naturally antimicrobial, a sealed CBD honey stick will have a nice, long shelf life. It’s perfect to stash in your bag and use as a quick pick-me-up when you need it.

Pinnacle’s CBD coffee is also of special interest because there aren’t a lot of companies carrying CBD coffee yet. Are you concerned that the heat of the coffee will vaporize the CBD? Don’t be. CBD begins to vaporize at about 320 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s far higher than the temperature of boiling water.

pinnacle hemp review

CBD Capsules

If you need perfectly consistent dosing or simply don’t like the taste of CBD oil, Pinnacle Hemp’s CBD capsules may be for you. Each vegan capsule contains 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract along with hemp seed oil, MCT coconut oil and polysorbate 80 and vitamin E as preservatives. Pinnacle sells its CBD capsules in bottles of 30 and 60 capsules for $49.99 and $84.99 respectively.

Topical CBD Products

  • CBD Body Lotion: Available in coconut and unscented versions with 200 mg of CBD per bottle. $39.99.
  • CBD Beard Oil: Moisturizes and conditions tough facial hair while keeping the skin clean and free of microbes. 120 mg of CBD per bottle. Available in three different scents. $29.99.

CBD lotions have become quite common as people around the world have begun using them to help problem areas of the skin and even relieve chronic pain in the muscles and joints. CBD beard oil, though, is something completely new. It uses a blend of oils that’s perfect for conditioning the beard, and the CBD oil may further help to nourish the facial hair and promote thicker growth.

CBD for Pets

If you’re looking for a way to add CBD to your dog’s diet, Pinnacle’s CBD dog treats make it simple. These treats contain 60 or 120 mg of CBD per package and come in a bacon-and-cheese flavor that your dog will love. Pinnacle sells the two sizes for $19.99 and $37.99.

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Quality and Effectiveness

The thing I love about Pinnacle CBD – aside from the extremely wide variety of products – is the fact that the company provides detailed and transparent lab reports for each product. Pinnacle uses organic Colorado-grown hemp, so we’re talking about top-quality plants grown in healthy, fertile soil.

The lab reports bear that out, showing that Pinnacle’s full-spectrum products have the rich cannabinoid and terpene profiles you’d expect from a premium hemp extract. The lab reports confirm that Pinnacle’s hemp extracts contain no residual pesticides or heavy metals. Unfortunately, they also show that Pinnacle uses solvents in its CBD extracts, and residues of those solvents are detectable in the final products. If that’s a problem for you, check out my BioMDPlus review for information about a brand that uses solvent-free extracts.

Is Pinnacle Hemp Priced Fairly?

With CBD hemp oil starting at just $24.99, Pinnacle Hemp has something for customers in every price range. At the same time, the company’s 1,200 mg bottles of CBD oil are less expensive than what many other brands charge for similar CBD oil strengths. So, if you’re shopping for CBD oil, you’ll definitely get a good price and a high-quality, terpene-rich product if you buy from Pinnacle Hemp. Pinnacle’s price for CBD honey sticks – one of my favorite CBD products of all time – is also excellent. You’re unlikely to find a better price than $3.00 per CBD honey stick anywhere.

On the other hand, Pinnacle’s prices for vaping products are a bit less attractive. Pinnacle has a unique product with their Ki vaping system. It’s super easy to use, and the pre-filled pods with terpene profiles styled after famous cannabis strains add serious value. The one problem is that the pods only contain 1.6 ml of vape juice each while costing up to $59.99. You’ll need to exercise serious self-control if you want a pod to last longer than a day or two.

Pinnacle Hemp Customer Service Policies

Pinnacle ships all orders over $50 for free. That’s a lower threshold for free shipping than what many CBD brands offer. On the downside, Pinnacle doesn’t accept returns unless they’ve made an error, or a product has a defect. If you’re new to CBD and need a product with a satisfaction guarantee, take a look at my BioMDPlus review. If you’re not new to CBD and already know that it works for you, the lack of a satisfaction guarantee shouldn’t deter you from trying Pinnacle CBD. It’s a great product.

pinnacle hemp review

Closing Thoughts

I love terpenes. I fully believe in the entourage effect that occurs when you use a natural full-spectrum hemp extract with the cannabinoids and terpenes left intact. Thanks to Pinnacle Hemp’s lab reports for each product, you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy this company’s CBD products. I also love the fact that there’s something for every budget. While Pinnacle’s higher-strength CBD oils are quite affordable for the CBD content, the company also has lower-strength oils available for those who either don’t have a lot of money to spend or are hesitant about dipping their toes in the water for the first time.

9.7 Total Score

  • Huge selection of CBD products for almost any need
  • Test results show the exact terpene profiles you’re getting
  • Choose CBD oil set in vegetable glycerin or MCT coconut oil
  • CBD products available in every price range
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